World Oceans Week Special

William Trubridge: “Freediving is the only true definition of human aquatic potential”

New Zealand freediver William Trubridge’s determination to overcome human limits one breath at a time has granted him several world records reaching depth up to 124 meters. In celebration of World Oceans Week, we talked to William Trubridge about his connection to the sea, the future of freediving, and the stillness and peace of mind while descending into the dark depths of the ocean.

underwater sculpture by jason de caires taylor

Jason deCaires Taylor: “I want to highlight aquatic places in all their diversity”

Since 2006, British artist and conservationist Jason deCaires Taylor has been sinking hundreds of sculptures in oceans worldwide. With time they transform into living artificial reefs full of marine wildlife. In celebration of World Oceans Week, deCaires Taylor recalls some of his favorite underwater moments and speaks about how he engages new ambassadors for the sea.

Tracy Edwards Maiden

Tracy Edwards: “The North Atlantic is my favorite ocean. It’s like a gangly puppy”

In celebration of World Oceans Week, we spoke to sailing pioneer Tracy Edwards about life on high-seas, her dedication to girls’ education, and challenging chauvinism.

Sleeping Giants: A Dive into the Wondrous World of Whales

Award-winning Australian underwater photographer Jasmine Carey spends southern winter with humpbacks breeding in the tropical waters of Tonga. In the northern winter, she captures orcas feeding in the Norwegian fjords.