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Tate Announces Shortlist for Turner Prize

Tate Announces Shortlist for Turner Prize

Barbara Walker

Tate Britain has revealed the names of the four artists who have made it to the final stage of the Turner Prize 2023: Jesse Darling, Ghislaine Leung, Rory Pilgrim, and Barbara Walker. Their artworks will be exhibited at Towner Eastbourne, located in East Sussex, from 28th September 2023 to 14th April 2024. The exhibition is an integral part of the gallery’s centenary celebrations. The winner of the Turner Prize 2023 will be announced on 5th December 2023 during an award ceremony at the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne.

Jesse Darling

Jesse Darling has been nominated for the Turner Prize based on his solo exhibitions, No Medals, No Ribbons at Modern Art Oxford, and Enclosures at Camden Art Centre. The artist explores the vulnerability of the human body and the instability of power structures through sculptures and installations. The jury was impressed by how Darling skillfully manipulated materials to capture the messiness of real life. The exhibitions showcased the artist’s work’s breadth and integrity, revealing the world’s fragility and rejecting the need to conform to societal expectations.

Image by Ben Westoby/Modern Art Oxford

Ghislaine Leung

The jury nominated Ghislaine Leung for her solo exhibition, Fountains, at Simian in Copenhagen. Her artwork consists of “scores,” which are sets of instructions that push the boundaries of the gallery space. Leung uses baby monitors, child safety gates, inflatable structures, toys, and water fountains to challenge our understanding of time, leisure, and labor within the exhibition space. The jury was impressed by her work’s warm, humorous, and transcendental qualities, which was aesthetically sleek and conceptually rigorous. They also appreciated her commitment to questioning art’s traditional production and circulation.

Image by GRAYSC/Courtesy the artist and Simian, Copenhagen; and Maxwell Graham, New York

Rory Pilgrim

Rory Pilgrim has been nominated for the commission RAFTS at Serpentine and Barking Town Hall, along with a live performance at Cadogan Hall in London. The project involved collaboration with local communities in the borough of Barking and Dagenham to create a multimedia piece that explores the struggles faced during the pandemic. The jury was impressed by the social practice aspect of the project, which they considered a standout example. Pilgrim’s music arrangements were beautiful and moving, amplifying the voices of their collaborators. The performance showcased a delicate balance of confidence and vulnerability, demonstrating the strong relationship between the artist and the community.

Image by George Darrell

Barbara Walker

Walker was nominated for her presentation at Sharjah Biennial 15 called “Burden of Proof.” Her artwork focuses on racial identity, exclusion, and power, both past and present. In this presentation, she delves into the Windrush scandal and how it impacted individuals. Walker’s artwork features large portraits with facsimiles of the documents these individuals had to provide to prove their right to remain. The jury was impressed by Walker’s ability to convey profound stories through monumental portraits while maintaining a sense of tenderness and intimacy throughout her work.

Image by Danko Stjepanovic

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