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New Drift Museum Blends Art with Cutting-edge Technology

New Drift Museum Blends Art with Cutting-edge Technology

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In 2025, Dutch studio Drift will open a museum at Van Gendt Hallen to showcase immersive art experiences.

The architectural firm Braaksma & Roos was tasked with the design and is repurposing two of the five industrial halls within the building, a structure that has eluded demolition and is now earmarked for a sustainable future. The museum will serve as a platform for Drift’s interactive installations, which include the gravity-defying ‘Drifter’ and the coordinated drone display ‘Franchise Freedom.’

Since their solo exhibition at Stedelijk Museum in 2018, Gordijn and Nauta have sought a dedicated space to match the interactive and technological demands of their work. The Drift Museum will serve as the ideal location, providing over 8,000 square meters for exhibitions that blend art with cutting-edge technology.

Beyond the arts, the Van Gendt Hallen will incorporate sports facilities, eateries, offices, and startups, all under the umbrella of sustainability. Zanen takes on the role of both preserver and innovator, seeking to maintain the building’s heritage while adapting it for contemporary use.

As the museum founders supervise the renovations, they anticipate that the Drift Museum will not only host their creations but also inspire a sense of connection to the environment among its visitors.

The Drift Museum aims to embody a convergence of art and technological innovation, adding a new dimension to Amsterdam’s cultural scene upon its opening. 

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