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Barcelona’s Design Hub Presents Exhibition “Digital Impact”

Barcelona’s Design Hub Presents Exhibition “Digital Impact”

Digital Impact Barcelona

Barcelona’s first experiential exhibition of digital art, Digital Impact, is set to be the main event of Disseny Hub in 2023. The exhibition, curated by Héctor Ayuso and Oriol Pastor and directed by Pep Salazar, aims to blur the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds by immersing visitors in a unique and interactive experience featuring 16 renowned digital artists. Among them are Domestic Data Streamers, Refik Anadol, Universal Everything, Joëlle Snaith, Alba G. Corral, and Random International.

Antoni Arola Studio proposes the exhibition, which will run from April 28 to August 27 at the Design Hub. Visitors will be encouraged to reflect on the art of the future and the digital paradigm through thought-provoking questions such as “Is digital art a curiosity or a change of paradigm?” and “Will the new Picasso be a digital artist? And a robot?”

The exhibition seeks to make digital art more accessible to the public and showcase its ability to elicit emotions and reactions in its audience. It also aims to highlight the impact that the digital world has on us and vice versa through avant-garde art, design, poetry, and interactivity.

Digital Impact is part of Disseny Hub’s commitment to digital art and new formats, positioning the venue as a reference point for the creative industries. The exhibition is supported by the Tourism and Creative Industries Department of Barcelona City Council and the Culture Department of the Government of Catalonia.

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