Decoding Delay: Dr. Fuschia Sirois on How to Overcome Procrastination

Professor Fuschia Sirois, a leading expert in Health and Social Psychology at Durham University, offers insights into the real reasons behind procrastination and shares valuable advice for overcoming it. 

Dr. Dacher Keltner: How Art Opens Our Eyes to Everyday Awe

Dr. Dacher Keltner, an expert in the study of emotions and consultant to the creators of Pixar’s “Inside Out”, offers a thought-provoking exploration of the history, science, and meaning of awe.

Healing Through Music: Simon Pyke and Universal Everything Collaborate on New Album for The School of Life

Universal Everything contributed with minimalist visuals depicting different mental states to accompany the music on the School of Life app.

Rodin, The Thinker
How to Manage Mind Chatter According to Science

Scientifically researched tools and techniques to manage your mind chatter and dial down the inner noise.

the art of creative rebellion by john s. couch
The Art of Creative Rebellion

“The Art of Creative Rebellion”- author John S. Couch talks about future leadership skills, why intuition and contemplation are crucial to becoming a great creative, and how to work through the comparison issue by being radically yourself.

Dr. Susan Clayton on How to Talk with Children About Climate Change 

Dr. Susan Clayton, researcher and professor of psychology and environmental studies at the College of Wooster in Ohio, discusses strategies for supporting children and helping them to cope with climate anxiety.

Positive Uncertainty
Why We Need Positive Uncertainty

Dr. H B Gelatt is an expert in decision making. Most notably, he is the creator of Positive Uncertainty, a philosophy of creative decision making in uncertain times. Here, Gelatt shares his ideas on how to navigate today’s global crisis with awareness and an open mind.

William Trubridge: Seven Strokes Before Freefall

William Trubridge about his connection to the sea and how freediving can improve mental well-being.