Sci-Art: From Leonardo da Vinci to Anish Kapoor

Science and art have always been intertwined, with each field influencing the other. From Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings to Salvador Dali’s surreal explorations of physics. Contemporary artists continue to draw inspiration from science.

Google Creative Lab
Google Creative Lab: “Know the user, know the magic, connect the two” 

The Google Creative Lab is a small team operating without a specific focus area within…

bio art by Laura benneton
The Intersection of Art and Science: Unlocking New Ways of Understanding the World

A talk with artist Laura Benneton and professor Dr. Ernest Giralt from the biomedical research center IRB in Barcelona explores new forms of exchange by collaborating at the intersection of art and science.

Michael Jantzen on Power Plants as Public Art

The breakthrough of renewables will profoundly change the visual environment of cities and rural landscapes. What role does public art play in this context? The American artist Michael Jantzen, one of the pioneers in sustainable design, tries to find the answer.

leek field in the netherlands lighted up in blue and red light as part of the luminous installation Grow by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde
“Grow” by Daan Roosegaarde: Art Meets Agriculture

The latest light installation by Dutch artist-designer Daan Roosegaarde turns a 20,000 square-meter leek field into a luminous dreamscape of red and blue light. It’s a tribute to the farmers cultivating the fields while also inspiring us to imagine a more sustainable future.