Photo Essay

“Utama” – Our Home, the Andes

In the critically acclaimed film “Utama”, Bolivian director Alejandro Loayza Grisi captures the consequences of climate change and the loss of cultural traditions in the Bolivian highlands. In this photo essay, Grisi shares a selection of photographs he took while shooting the movie

From Shelf to Sea: How Mandy Barker’s Photography Highlights Plastic Pollution

British Photographer Mandy Barker dedicates her photography to raising awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans. By combining scientific research and fine art photography, she highlights the harmful effect plastic pollution has on marine life and ourselves

The Many Shapes of Water

Whether ice, snow, steam, or liquid: German artist Franz Xaver Aicher’s fascination for water in all its forms defines his photography. As a dedicated skier, snowboarder, and surfer, he uses his camera to capture and examine the “element of life” in alpine and maritime environments.

The War Within: In “Open Wounds,” Photographer Younes Mohammad Captures the Challenges of Life after Combat

In his series “Open Wounds,” Iraqi Kurdish photographer Younes Mohammad tells the stories of Peshmerga veterans and their families battling war’s physical and mental marks. Younes, who has worked as a photojournalist and translator during the fight against the Islamic State, shifted his practice towards an artistic approach to portray his subjects in an intimate way that differs from fast-paced news media coverage.

Rachael Talibart: Tides, Tempests, and Ghosts in Shells

British photographer Rachael Talibart captures the moods of the ocean. Whereas her critically acclaimed series “Sirens” portrays the wild temper of the water, her work “Ghosts in the Shell” speaks to the gentler spirit of the sea.

Emerald Arguelles: “Isn’t it Beautiful”

Savannah-based photographer Emerald Arguelles addresses the lack of representation and inclusivity in photography by celebrating the Black Experience.

Sleeping Giants: A Dive into the Wondrous World of Whales

Award-winning Australian underwater photographer Jasmine Carey spends southern winter with humpbacks breeding in the tropical waters of Tonga. In the northern winter, she captures orcas feeding in the Norwegian fjords.

Border Crossing Creatures at the West Bank Barrier

Netta Laufer’s photo and video installation “25ft” shows animals close to the Israeli West Bank barrier on military camera footage. In her practice, the artist explores human-made artificial borders and their effects on fauna, flora, and the environment.

James Hayman: Ode to New Orleans

The director, producer, and photographer James Hayman shows scenes from the daily life of New Orleans in intimate black-and-white imagery. He describes the city as a place with a very particular “joie de vivre,” cultural pride, and a strong sense of community.

At Night, When Hanoi Stands Still

When the shadow of night settles over Hanoi’s rooftops, Belgian photographer Wouter Vanhees sets out on a nocturnal picture trip with his scooter. He visits residential areas on the outskirts, where new apartment complexes, shopping areas, and office spaces spiral into the sky.