Digital Art

Digital Impact Barcelona
Barcelona’s Design Hub Presents Exhibition “Digital Impact”

Barcelona’s first experiential exhibition of digital art, Digital Impact, is set to be the main event of Disseny Hub in 2023.

Boris Eldagsen: “AI-generated images and photographs should not compete against each other in competitions”

German artist Boris Eldagsen caused a stir by winning a Sony World Photography Award with his work “The Electrician” which he exclusively created using artificial intelligence.

Joel Gethin Lewis: “We embrace technology, just like Monet did”

Joel Gethin Lewis, interactive creative director of the media art collective “Universal Everything” on creating joyful and caring art using the latest technologies.

Carl Addy at OFFF Barcelona
Multidisciplinary Creative Carl Addy: “Be a fan first and leave your ego at the door”

The Overview caught up with Carl Addy after his talk at OFFF Barcelona to get his insights on the psychology of storytelling, the role of AI, and how he approaches creative leadership.

SEO Artist Gretchen Andrew: “I want Love, Money and Belonging”

Gretchen Andrew visualizes her desires as an artist through pieces she calls “vision boards.” She then turns her objectives into an internet reality, tricking Google’s search engine algorithms into showing her vision boards on top of the image search results for keywords such as “Cover of Artforum,” “Turner Price,” or “Best MFA.” By making the Law of Attraction part of her art practice, Gretchen’s work turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy in the real world, as renowned publications and galleries feature her work.