Rehearsing the Future, Barcelona Gallery Weekend, and Georgia O’Keeffe

This edition of Culture Cue celebrates a music documentary festival, Barcelona Gallery Weekend, Positive Uncertainty, and the artistic legacy of one of Americas’s most famous 20th Century female artists.

Jean Kilbourne: “Ads not only sell products; they sell concepts of love, success, sexuality, and normalcy.”

Jean Kilbourne is internationally known for her critical observations on the image of women in advertising, raising awareness of issues such as sexism, gender stereotypes, and the objectification of women’s bodies. Here she shares her expertise and experiences of over 50 years.

Paula Rego, Bob Ross, and Skatable Sculptures

This edition of Culture Cue features the art of Paula Rego, a book on the intelligence of the forest, and an upcoming documentary about the battle of adored TV painter Bob Ross.

William Trubridge: “Freediving is the only true definition of human aquatic potential”

New Zealand freediver William Trubridge’s determination to overcome human limits one breath at a time has granted him several world records reaching depth up to 124 meters. In celebration of World Oceans Week, we talked to William Trubridge about his connection to the sea, the future of freediving, and the stillness and peace of mind while descending into the dark depths of the ocean.

Tracy Edwards Maiden
Tracy Edwards: “The North Atlantic is my favorite ocean. It’s like a gangly puppy”

In celebration of World Oceans Week, we spoke to sailing pioneer Tracy Edwards about life on high-seas, her dedication to girls’ education, and challenging chauvinism.

Best Of Paris Haute Couture S/S 2020

Iris van Herpen, Schiaparelli, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Giambattista Valli are welcoming the new decade of haute couture with craftsmanship and innovation. Here, the highlights of Spring/Summer 2020 couture.