Culture Cue

Totally Under Control, The Hype Machine, and Prado’s Uninvited Guests

This weekend’s recommendations feature an eye-opening documentary about the political leadership failures under the Trump…

A World of Calm, A Homage to the Radio, 20th Century Architecture, and the Eccentric World of Books

The tips for this weekend include virtual calming travels to the most beautiful places on earth, retrofuturistic layers of sounds mixed with radio jingles and synth-pop passages, and, among others a vibrant look into the world of softly wrinkled pages and cracked leather spines.

Margiela in his own words
New Flavors For the Relaxed Cook, Martin Margiela, and a Moisturizer Made from Melon

This week’s assembly features low effort-high impact dishes, an animated underwater plastic world, a ballet dancer-turned-photographer, a rare glimpse into the life of Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela and natural moisture made out of melon.

Culture Cue: Biolight Bags, Keyboard Fantasies and A Life on Our Planet

This week’s “Culture Cue” features a podcast on what it means to be American, the story of climate change, a Berlin-based bookshop focusing on Non-Western perspectives, Keyboard Fantasies by musician Beverly Glenn-Copeland, and lightweight circular champions.

The Galapagos of the North, Women Making Waves, and a Jacket Based on 500 Million Years of Evolution

This week’s Culture Cue features nature-based technology, a mystical archipelago in Canada, sailor Tracy Edward and her all-women crew, and The Salt Series by German artist Tom Hegen.