Culture Cue

Redefining Pop Stardom and Surviving in the Bolivian Highlands 

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me The documentary “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me,” released…

In Silico and the Science of Symmetry

The documentary “In Silico“ traces the story of luminary neuroscientist Henry Markram who sets out on a mission to create a computed model of the human brain to simulate consciousness.

AI Art
AI Art, A Singular Scientist and Stepping Into The Citizen Story

This week’s Culture Cues include a talk on hybrid thinking and co-creation, a book on the Earth’s least explored ecosystem and a profile about a singular scientist.

Rehearsing the Future, Barcelona Gallery Weekend, and Georgia O’Keeffe

This edition of Culture Cue celebrates a music documentary festival, Barcelona Gallery Weekend, Positive Uncertainty, and the artistic legacy of one of Americas’s most famous 20th Century female artists.

Paula Rego, Bob Ross, and Skatable Sculptures

This edition of Culture Cue features the art of Paula Rego, a book on the intelligence of the forest, and an upcoming documentary about the battle of adored TV painter Bob Ross.

Water Bear, Physical, and Beyond the West

This edition of Culture Cue introduces a book on global architecture, a streaming platform on climate action, and a comedy-drama on 80’s fitness mania.

Joseph Beuys, The Underground Railroad, and Sudhir Breaks the Internet

This weekend’s Culture Cue features a surrealist group show by curator Nina Mdivani, a book on German postwar artist Joseph Beuys, a new series by director Barry Jenkins, and a podcast on the dark side of Silicon Valley.

Yayoi Kusama, Bill Traylor, Talk Art, and Carlota Guerrero

This edition of Culture Cue features a documentary about American artist Bill Traylor, a retrospective on Yayoi Kusama in Berlin, a guide on contemporary art, and the photo book of celebrated Spanish artist Carlota Guerrero.

Culinary Backstreets, Rest of World, and A Private View with Kenny Schachter

This weekend’s recommendations include an online publication on technology, culture, and society from a global perspective, a food guide celebrating culinary traditions, and candid conversations on the art world with critic, writer, and curator Kenny Schachter.

Ahead of Me the South, Hester Diamond, and The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know

This weekend’s tips include a documentary about fearless art collector Hester Diamond, a book on mental flexibility, humility, and curiosity, and the ancient art of melted sand.