Centre Pompidou in Paris
The Centre Pompidou Closes for 5 Years

Paris’ distinguished modern and contemporary art museum, the Centre Pompidou, has unveiled a €262 million…

Dacher Keltner: How Art Opens Our Eyes to Everyday Awe

Dr. Dacher Keltner, an expert in the study of emotions and consultant to the creators of Pixar’s “Inside Out”, offers a fascinating exploration of the history, science, and meaning of awe.

The Greatest Exhibition: Immersive Vermeer Documentary in Cinemas Throughout the UK

Vermeer’s success at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam extends beyond record-breaking attendance. The exhibit sold out…

Barbara Walker
Tate Announces Shortlist for Turner Prize

Tate Britain has revealed the names of the four artists who have made it to the final stage of the Turner Prize 2023.

Phoenix Rose by Elizabeth Barlow
A Celebration of Botanical Beauty: Elizabeth Barlow’s Hyperrealistic Flower Paintings

Elizabeth Barlow draws inspiration from the natural world creating hyperrealistic flower paintings as a reminder to pause and pay attention to the sublime in the ordinary.

Artist Romolo del Deo working in his studio
“I learned more about art by studying anthropology, sociobiology and philosophy, than I did in the studio”

American sculptor Romolo del Deo created a 14ft high monumental bronze sculpture for the European Cultural Center as part of the Venice Art Biennial. The piece “The Tree Of Life Which Is Ours” addresses the sea level rise threatening Venice’s cultural heritage.

Venice Art Biennale: Ukrainian Culture Against the Odds

The 59th Venice Art Biennale has opened. How is the international cultural scene reacting to the war in Ukraine? A reportage.

Sculptor Dr Gindi: “We Are All Part of Nature”

German-Egyptian sculptor Dr Gindi approaches her artistic practice through the themes of infinity and immortality. With her art, she sets out to change the narrative about human decay.