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bio art by Laura benneton
The Intersection of Art and Science: Unlocking New Ways of Understanding the World

A talk with artist Laura Benneton and professor Dr. Ernest Giralt from the biomedical research center IRB in Barcelona explores new forms of exchange by collaborating at the intersection of art and science.

Phoenix Rose by Elizabeth Barlow
A Celebration of Botanical Beauty: Elizabeth Barlow’s Hyperrealistic Flower Paintings

Elizabeth Barlow draws inspiration from the natural world creating hyperrealistic flower paintings as a reminder to pause and pay attention to the sublime in the ordinary.

The Art of Walking in Iceland’s Wild Westfjords

The two nature guides Henry Fletcher and Jay Simpson, lead walking artist residencies along ancient herding routes in Iceland’s Westfjords. Here they share their experiences with the art of walking in the wild.

James Baldwin, The Creative Process
James Baldwin: The Creative Process

Whether you are an artist or simply someone seeking a more authentic and fulfilling life, Baldwin’s words offer a powerful reminder of the importance of creativity in all our lives. Here, we republish James Baldwin’s essay on the creative process which first appeared in Creative America in 1962.

Michael Jantzen on Power Plants as Public Art

The breakthrough of renewables will profoundly change the visual environment of cities and rural landscapes. What role does public art play in this context? The American artist Michael Jantzen, one of the pioneers in sustainable design, tries to find the answer.

How to Write an Artist Statement 

Wondering what the Artist Statement is all about? When do you need it? And most importantly: How do you write one? In this article we answer these and other essential questions.

Artist Romolo del Deo working in his studio
“I learned more about art by studying anthropology, sociobiology and philosophy, than I did in the studio”

American sculptor Romolo del Deo created a 14ft high monumental bronze sculpture for the European Cultural Center as part of the Venice Art Biennial. The piece “The Tree Of Life Which Is Ours” addresses the sea level rise threatening Venice’s cultural heritage.

From Shelf to Sea: How Mandy Barker’s Photography Highlights Plastic Pollution

British Photographer Mandy Barker dedicates her photography to raising awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans. By combining scientific research and fine art photography, she highlights the harmful effect plastic pollution has on marine life and ourselves

Venice Art Biennale: Ukrainian Culture Against the Odds

The 59th Venice Art Biennale has opened. How is the international cultural scene reacting to the war in Ukraine? A reportage.

underwater sculpture by jason de caires taylor
Jason deCaires Taylor: “I want to highlight aquatic places in all their diversity”

Since 2006, British artist and conservationist Jason deCaires Taylor has been sinking hundreds of sculptures in oceans worldwide. With time they transform into living artificial reefs full of marine wildlife. In celebration of World Oceans Week, deCaires Taylor recalls some of his favorite underwater moments and speaks about how he engages new ambassadors for the sea.