Emerging Ecologies and Environmentalism at MoMa: Architecture’s New Frontier

Buildings contribute nearly 40% of the world’s annual carbon emissions—a statistic that underscores the vital…

Yasmeen Lari wins RIBA gold medal
Social Architect Yasmeen Lari wins the Royal Gold Medal

Lari has focused on the use of traditional building techniques and materials to create environmentally sustainable and disaster-resistant structures.

Biomimicry in Architecture: 10 Nature-Inspired Examples

Nature has been engineering on Earth since the beginning of time. Here we’ll explore examples of nature-inspired designs.

Casa Gomis: How a Family Home Became a Refuge for Barcelona’s Avantgarde in the 1960s

Casa Gomis, designed by the Spanish architect Antonio Bonet, has become a testament to rationalist architecture in Spain, but it faces an uncertain future.

Barcelona Superblock Project: Blueprint for the Green City of the Future?

Barcelona closes its residential areas to car traffic and makes room for the people. But do they really want that? We asked the inventor of the “superblocks”.

Pirouette House by Indian Architect Vinu Daniel
Architect Vinu Daniel on The Art of Wall-making with Waste and Earth

India-based architect and engineer Vinu Daniel creates award-winning buildings with waste materials and earth. But before gaining international recognition for his eco-sensitive construction techniques and materials, Daniel had to overcome many obstacles.

Fake Facades
KOSMOS Architects: Questioning Conventional Laws of Beauty

Artem Kitaev, co-founder of Russian studio KOSMOS Architects on keeping up with fast-paced architectural trends, and the potential of temporary architecture for more sustainable cities.