Exploring the Intersection of Art, Science, and Technology


THE OVERVIEW is a digital publishing platform bridging art, science, and technology, mused by nature. 

Art and science involve experimentation and exploration, seeking to discover new insights and ideas.

They can broaden our perspectives, helping us to better understand the world around us. The intersection of these two fields can lead to exciting and innovative new discoveries and creations.

Our name comes from the “Overview Effect”, a phenomenon experienced by astronauts and cosmonauts during space flights when they view the Earth from a distance. It refers to the profound realization and heightened awareness of the planet’s fragility.


From space, the boundaries between countries, political ideologies, and cultural differences become less noticeable, and the planet appears as an interconnected system. This can lead to a profound shift in the astronaut’s worldview and an increased sense of responsibility for taking care of the planet, inspiring to become environmental advocates and work towards creating a more sustainable future.