Sci-Art: From Leonardo da Vinci to Anish Kapoor

Science and art have always been intertwined, with each field influencing the other. From Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings to Salvador Dali’s surreal explorations of physics. Contemporary artists continue to draw inspiration from science.


Aral Sea water decline

Study Shows Dwindling Freshwater Reserves in Lakes Worldwide

New study shows that half of the world’s largest lakes are losing significant amounts of water, often due to human influence.

Centre Pompidou in Paris

The Centre Pompidou Closes for 5 Years

Paris’ distinguished modern and contemporary art museum, the Centre Pompidou, has unveiled a €262 million…

The Greatest Exhibition: Immersive Vermeer Documentary in Cinemas Throughout the UK

Vermeer’s success at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam extends beyond record-breaking attendance. The exhibit sold out…


Boris Eldagsen: “AI-generated images and photographs should not compete against each other in competitions”

German artist Boris Eldagsen caused a stir by winning a Sony World Photography Award with his work “The Electrician” which he exclusively created using artificial intelligence.

“Utama” – Our Home, the Andes

In the critically acclaimed film “Utama”, winner at the Sundance Film Festival, Bolivian director Alejandro Loayza Grisi captures the consequences of climate change and the loss of cultural traditions in the Bolivian highlands. In this photo essay, Grisi shares a selection of photographs he took while shooting the movie.

From Shelf to Sea: How Mandy Barker’s Photography Highlights Plastic Pollution

British Photographer Mandy Barker dedicates her photography to raising awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans. By combining scientific research and fine art photography, she highlights the harmful effect plastic pollution has on marine life and ourselves


Biomimicry in Architecture: 10 Nature-Inspired Examples

Nature has been engineering on Earth since the beginning of time. Here we’ll explore examples of nature-inspired designs.

Barcelona Superblock Project: Blueprint for the Green City of the Future?

Barcelona closes its residential areas to car traffic and makes room for the people. But do they really want that? We asked the inventor of the “superblocks”.

Pirouette House by Indian Architect Vinu Daniel

Architect Vinu Daniel on The Art of Wall-making with Waste and Earth

India-based architect and engineer Vinu Daniel creates award-winning buildings with waste materials and earth. But before gaining international recognition for his eco-sensitive construction techniques and materials, Daniel had to overcome many obstacles.


Rodin, The Thinker

How to Manage Mind Chatter According to Science

Scientifically researched tools and techniques to manage your mind chatter and dial down the inner noise.

the art of creative rebellion by john s. couch

The Art of Creative Rebellion

“The Art of Creative Rebellion”- author John S. Couch talks about future leadership skills, why intuition and contemplation are crucial to becoming a great creative, and how to work through the comparison issue by being radically yourself.

William Trubridge: Seven Strokes Before Freefall

William Trubridge about his connection to the sea and how freediving can improve mental well-being.


Google Creative Lab

Google Creative Lab: “Know the user, know the magic, connect the two” 

The Google Creative Lab is a small team operating without a specific focus area within…

Tracy Edwards Maiden

Tracy Edwards: “After Maiden I had a total break down”

Tracy Edwards about life on high-seas, her dedication to girls education in STEM, and challenging chauvinism in sailing.

James Baldwin, The Creative Process

James Baldwin: The Creative Process

Whether you are an artist or simply someone seeking a more authentic and fulfilling life, Baldwin’s words offer a powerful reminder of the importance of creativity in all our lives.